VIRAL: ‘Activist Mommy’ DESTROYS Liberal ‘Nasty Women’ In 3 LMAO Minutes

Hey there, Nasty Women… this woman is calling you out on your BS. Go ahead and try to disagree with her.

‘Activist Mommy’ says all the things that real women want to say to those wacky protesters dressed up as vaginas.




Don’t you love when feminists say, ‘Don’t objectify me because I’m a woman!‘ and then dress up like a giant vagina?

Isn’t that objectifying that very distinct part of the female anatomy?


This march was all about rights that women already have.

Do feminists really think that President Trump will repeal the 19th Amendment, or make it illegal for a woman to be employed?

It was a great big Frankenstein’s monster of a protest with ‘intersectional’ feminists pushing for a Progressive agenda — LGBT rights (incompatible with their worldview) and the Anti-Life Pro-Choice crowd. (Oh, was that offensive? Would ‘Pro-Dead Baby’ be more positive? Maybe stop calling the other side ‘Anti-Choice’ or ‘Anti-Abortion’.)

It was about abortion on demand with no restrictions, birth control, and gender reassignment surgeries — all government-funded.

It wasn’t about childcare, school choice, or income-splitting.

To say that it was a ‘Women’s March’ when it doesn’t include all women and all women’s issues is disingenuous.

This was a bunch of women parading around as victims saying that they don’t want to be seen as victims.

Because ‘Feminism’.

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