WATCH: Crazy Whoopi Says The MEDIA Did THIS To Elect Trump — WTF?

Written by K. Walker on January 2, 2017

Whoopi looks like she’s off her meds. The View panel was discussing ‘fake news’ and dishing out some of their own.

Watch Whoopi go off her rocker on national television:

From the video:

One of the issues that Donald Trump seems to have with the media, that by the way for 18 months really kind of pushed him down our throats because he was all you saw for 18 months.

We elected the guy we saw every day.

That’s what people did. They saw that, they heard the lies.

And nobody said, ‘Hey, that’s not true.’

There was no one saying, ‘Hey, wait a minute. That’s not true. You can’t say that. We don’t do that.’

So now he’s decided he doesn’t want to talk to the media because now the media is crooked again. So when he’s doing well, maybe the media is crooked but if he’s losing it’s definitely crooked and if you disagree with him you’re crooked, but the media put him where he is.

Really, The Media (D) put DONALD TRUMP where he is?

We’re not sure where Whoopi was during the Campaign, (maybe she was scoping out houses in Canada,) because she must’ve missed left-leaning Politico published a report that stated that 91% of Trump coverage on evening newscasts was negative.

We know about all of the ‘Presstitutes’ that were all hob-nobby with the Clinton Campaign.

One ‘journalist’ admits to being willing to be ‘steered away’ from Hillary’s email story.

We saw Wolf Blitzer gettin’ his groove on it at the Democratic Convention.

We know that the Media (D) SUCKS.

The New York Times, as well as other Media (D) outlets, went into mourning when Hillary lost.

Yeah, those are the guys that got Trump elected.

The ones that covered the Access Hollywood video endlessly.

The ones that trotted out women who accused Trump of sexual assault. (Who have all mysteriously disappeared, by the way.)

Oh, and Whoopi, you’re still talking about him. You must be part of the ‘problem’.

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