WATCH: Civil Rights Leader BLASTS Perennial Whiner, John Lewis, and It’s EPIC

Written by K. Walker on January 17, 2017

Civil Rights Activist, Rev. Owens who ALSO marched with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., has THIS to say to Rep. John Lewis… It’s nice to see somebody telling him the truth.

Rep. John Lewis (D) has said he won’t be attending President-Elect Trump’s Inauguration because he believes he’s an ‘illegitimate’ President.

Rep. Lewis had said this would be the ‘first time’ in his 30 years as a Congressman to not attend an Inauguration.

For the sake of continuing on the ‘truth’ theme, ClashDaily has a couple of questions for Rep. Lewis:

1.) 30 YEARS!?!?! Are you kidding me? No one should have a political career of 30 years. Wassamatter, can’t get a real job? Perhaps an actual 9-5 would help inoculate you from the divisive ‘identity politics’ of Democrat Washington and the Black Caucus in particular. Just maybe that would be better than sidling up to the big ol’ government trough for 30 years, hmmm?

2.) Did Rep. Lewis forget 2001?

Some members of the Black Caucus decided to boycott Inauguration Day; John Lewis, for instance, spent the day in his Atlanta district. He thought it would be hypocritical to attend Bush’s swearing-in because he doesn’t believe Bush is the true elected president.
Read more: Washington Post Jan. 20, 2001

Now that ClashDaily and Piers Morgan have slammed Rep. Lewis, let’s give his peer a go at it:

Yessir, that was one helluva truthbomb.

You don’t like President-Elect Trump, Rep. Lewis?

Here’s our suggestion:


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