YO, TRUMP HATERS: Trump Could PAY For Wall By Simply CLOSING This Tax Loophole

Published on January 17, 2017

They laughed when Trump said he’d make Mexico pay for it. Are they STILL laughing now?

President-Elect Donald Trump could get Mexico to pay for a wall along the southwest border of the United States and close a giant tax loophole at the same time, according to several experts.

Building the wall — and making Mexico pay for it — was a signature issue of Trump’s victorious presidential campaign. So critics pounced when he indicated earlier this month he intended to ask Congress to appropriate funds to begin construction. Broken promise, they chortled.

But the government cannot spend money without congressional authorization, and Trump has said Mexico will reimburse the Untied States for the cost. He has not laid out how that would happen, but the campaign floated a number of ideas, including using money seized from drug dealers and threatening to cut off money wired to Mexico by illegal immigrants living in the United States.

Last week, retired IRS officials Rob Warren offered the idea of cracking down on a loophole that sends billions of dollars to illegal immigrants working in the United States…

…Warren wrote in an online publication known as The Stream that the IRS estimates it collects $468 billion less each year than it should, a statistic known as the “tax gap.” He suggested that Trump stop allowing illegal immigrants from Mexico to claim child tax credits…

…the government paid $4.2 billion to 2.3 million people with ITINs in 2010. The vast majority of those workers were immigrants.
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And this is only ONE of several ways they have looked a making Mexico pay for it.

This one loophole doesn’t even BEGIN to detail money seized from drug-runners or changes to wire-transfers by illegal immigrants.

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