WATCH: Cops Tell Crazed Knife Wielder To Drop The Knife – He Should’ve LISTEN!

Written by K. Walker on January 14, 2017

A newly released video, captured by police body cameras, shows an altercation with a knife-wielding man and 3 armed officers.

The man in the video, 63-year-old Jerry Lee Jackson, was known to police. He had violated a restraining order. He had threatened to kill his soon-to-be-ex-wife.

Officers responded to a call by Jackson’s wife in August after he had broken into her home and threatened her with a knife.

Jackson had said that he intended to kill his wife and himself or die by police.

When confronted by the officers, Jackson did not listen to instructions and continued advance on police while armed.

Watch the video:


“Drop the knife! drop that knife! do it now!” yelled three Fort Collins police officers last August after encountering a knife-wielding man outside his soon to be ex-wife’s home.

On Friday police gave the media a first look at body cam video showing the tense moments before 63-year-old Jerry Lee Jackson was shot and killed….

…The confrontation with Jackson took place in August after he allegedly threatened to kill his soon-to-be ex-wife. Investigators said he pulled a knife after breaking in to her home.

“He’s got a knife in his hand and he’s coming at us,” his wife’s 911 call to police said.

The video of the encounter recorded by police officers’ body cameras show officers repeatedly ordering Jackson to drop the knife. They eventually deployed a stun device on him

But Jackson continued to move toward three armed police officer with the knife and they kept warning him to stop.

“Don’t do that. Put it down. I’m going to shoot you man,” one officer is heard saying. And then there was gunfire.
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An independent panel has unanimously cleared the officers involved in the shooting, maintaining that they acted appropriately.

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