WHOA, MAMA! Leopard ATTACKS Hunter And This Is The RESULT…

A SHOCKING post on Facebook shows the results of a leopard attack on a hunter in South Africa. WARNING: GRAPHIC PHOTOS

Check it out:

Here are the pics enlarged:


That is some wicked damage!


Man, oh, man!


Those wicked leopard teeth.


Now THAT’S a big cat!


Whole lotta leopard!


Was the scale off?

And this, little kiddies is why you need to understand that nature isn’t your friend.

These cats are beautiful and viscious.

They will attack you.

You may have to make a life and death decision very quickly.

The outrage over the killing of Harambe shows how clueless people are about the threat of wild animals.

Look at the nice, friendly hippo here. Ooops! Sorry, that’s not friendly.

Even the ‘nice’ gentle ones might have a mean streak.

Be careful out there, ClashDaily Readers!

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