WATCH: Here’s WHY Trump Should NOT Trust The Intel Community

Published on January 16, 2017

While the media ties itself in knots that Trump DOESN’T trust the IC, Newt tells us why they don’t DESERVE his trust.

HERE is an opinion that is in stark contrast to the consensus opinion.

But he backs it up with examples.

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He said: ‘I don’t think there SHOULD be a good relationship right now. … The very top people are political appointees I think absolutely betrayed and undermine the intelligence community. … the political appointee level has been really corrupted by the Obama administration.’

He also made another point.

The fact that they sat on the information in the Buzzfeed story and didn’t bother to pick up the phone to check to see if the person named in the story was actually THERE?

That says something.

Then Newt lays out a strategy of how the IC can be both effective AND accountable to the new administration.

When Obama fanboys and people working at cross purposes with Trump move along, the relationship with the IC will be much improved.

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