WOW: What ROSIE Said About McCain PROVES John Is McShady

Published on January 16, 2017

Uh-oh. Rosie’s busting out the CAPS LOCK on this one!

At what point does Rosie officially cross the line from ‘an amusing idiot’ to ‘a danger to herself and others’? We’ve gotta be getting pretty close by now.

We know she hates Trump.



REALLY (All-Caps) HATES Trump.

And it’s KILLING her that he’s been elected president. She is DESPERATELY grasping at straws.

Her earlier ploys — including Martial Law until Trump is ‘cleared of charges’ (what ARE you smoking, dearie?) — have crashed and burned.

She’s still in denial that Trump is going to be President whether she likes it or not.

And she’s obviously NOT willing to make good on her rash promise to flee the Country.

Here’s her LATEST half-baked scheme ‘grand plan’.

One voice on Twitter tried to set her straight. (Thanks, Twitchy, for the heads-up! So VERY entertaining!)


And she bases this on WHAT legal precedent? Noting. Like most of her ideas, she’s just pulling this out of her ass. There WAS a time she HATED McCain.

But she’d rather have a RINO like McCain than Trump. (Probably because of his role in the ‘Golden Showers’ hoax.)

Which tells us two things.

We’re even MORE pleased with America’s endorsement of Trump…

And McCain is NOT the friend he pretends to be.

Share if those two deserve each other.