WHOA: This Executive Order Is PERFECTION On Steroids – Do YOU Love It?

We weren’t big fans of Obama’s Executive Orders, but this one by President Trump is pretty AWESOME!

President Trump didn’t run on this promise…BUT we’re glad he’s putting his pen to good use.


Oh, before the harpies start screaming, ‘That’s Fat-shaming!’ and ‘Did you just call me a harpy?’ (Yes. We did. It’s the screeching. You can stop now. Please. Just stop.)

Listen, I understand that not everyone is a size 2, but really. These women are loading on the pounds like they’re preparing for hibernation. And yet… they never go away.

What’s with the need to be the center of the drama? Why won’t they just… go… away?

Not to brag, or anything… but it’s possible that ClashDaily may have played a part in by inspiring this HILARIOUS executive order.

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