Published on January 25, 2017

Chicago’s Mayor can’t hide in his Ivory Tower forever.

Rahm Emanuel is mayor of a broken city. A city that’s been getting WORSE.

What is the mayor’s priority? The Status quo. Taking a stand on ‘sanctuary’ city status.

Literally, it’s a committment to NOT enforcing the law. What a strange position to take. Especially in Chicago, where there is a frightening trend reported:

Chicago police currently solve about 30 percent of the city’s homicides, said a department spokesman, Anthony Guglielmi. In Houston, a city of comparable size, that figure is 56 percent, according to a spokesman for the Houston Police Department. In Philadelphia, it’s 49 percent.

Those figures — known as the clearance rate — include homicides marked as solved in the current year but committed in different years. But when old cases are stripped out, Chicago’s clearance rate for 2016 homicides drops to about 21 percent. In all, Chicago police had solved just 92 of 432 homicides committed in 2016 through Aug. 16, according to police statistics. —ChicagoTribune

So, what happens next?

Cue the Liberals losing their minds.

Forget that the Chicago crime figures are higher than ever.

Forget that Liberals CHEERED Federal intervention in the Bundy Standoff.

But Federal Agents getting involved where those charged with enforcing the law have been refusing to do so? How DARE they?

Did Trump say he’s sending in the Feds? NO.

He said he expects Rahm Emanuel to get results in reigning in the violence in Chicago. If the Mayor can’t get results in making it safe, the President will look for BETTER solutions.

Because… seriously… SOMEBODY should.

It’s the LEAST the citizens in Chicago deserve.

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