YO, BRITS: Trump Just Made You Blokes A Pretty JUICY Promise – Here It Is!

Published on January 16, 2017

Remember Obama’s HOSTILITY to the UK over BREXIT? Well, a NEW Day is Dawning!

The days of Obama snubbing the UK over that Churchill Bust will soon be a bad memory.

Donald Trump has delivered a huge boost to Britain by promising a trade deal within weeks of taking office to help make Brexit a ‘great thing’.

The President-elect spoke in glowing terms of his ‘love’ for the UK and revealed he was inviting Theresa May to visit him ‘right after’ he gets into the White House.

He said that he wants a trade agreement between the two countries secured ‘very quickly’ – making a mockery of President Obama’s threat that, if the country voted for Brexit, we would be at the ‘back of the queue’.

Trump also revealed that Mrs May had written to him just after Christmas.

She sent a gift of a copy of Winston Churchill’s address to the ­American people, shortly after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

In the letter the PM told Mr Trump that she hoped the sentiment of ‘unity and fraternal association’ between the two countries was ‘just as true today as it has ever been’.

Boris Johnson has welcomed Trump’s warm words and pledge to secure a trade deal.

Arriving in Brussels he said: ‘I think it’s very good news that the USA wants to do a good free trade deal with us and wants to do it very fast, and it’s great to hear that from President-Elect Donald Trump. Clearly it will have to be a deal that’s very much in the interests of both sides but I have no doubt it will be.’ —DailyMail

Isn’t it funny how, with Obama leaving, everything seems to be getting back to normal?

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