YO, HOLLYWOOD: Keep Raggin’ On Trump And We’ll BOYCOTT Your Crap Movies

Written by K. Walker on January 30, 2017

Keep it up, boneheads! You’re just the clowns that make us laugh. We can always find other clowns.

It’s not like there aren’t conservative performers out there. They’re just being bullied by an angry bunch of leftists because… #LoveTrumpsHate.

The Screen Actor’s Guild Awards was the latest red-carpet event where the Holywood Elites sip champagne, hobnob with each other and slam President Trump.


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Hollywood went after President Donald Trump and his sweeping ban on immigrants from seven Muslim nations on Sunday night as they gathered at the 23rd Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards.

A host of A-list stars used their time on stage at the event to speak out against President trump’s executive order, from Ashton Kutcher and John Lithgow to the casts of Orange Is the New Black and Hidden Figures.
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(Dontcha just love how they always have to say ‘7 Muslim nations’?)

Watch David Harbour of ‘Stranger Things‘ say all sorts of strange things:

Watch Ashton Kutcher talk about HIS America:

Watch Julia Louis-Dreyfus say the ban is ‘un-American’:

Many, many many stars were openly opposing President Trump’s Executive Order.

Like Simon Helberg and Jocelyn Towne;


Of course, celebrities, just like every other American has a right to express their opinion.

But is the SAG Awards podium the right place to do that?

Especially when you are receiving an award?

It looks like not everyone was warned about the politically-driven speeches.

Winona Ryder’s reaction to David Harbour’s ‘Stranger Things’ acceptance speech was meme-worthy:






And even a few gifs that you’re likely to see on ClashDaily:

You’d think the narcissists wouldn’t want the attention diverted from them for a moment, but they’re willing to forgo the spotlight because they loooove to rag on President Trump. And opposing his very existence is more important than any accolade.

We get it… you’re Progressives and you don’t like Conservative policies.

Remember how Ashton Kutcher and then-wife Demi Moore had this creepy ‘I Pledge…’ Obama Support video?

But over 60,000,000 Americans voted for a Republican President and Republican policies.

Hollywood, did you not notice how the activism is going south for Colin Kaepernick?

If the celebrities keep it up, it’s going to be an uncomfortable 4 years for Hollywood.

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