ANTI-TRUMP: Obama-Lynch-Clapper Cabal Made Leaks More Likely

Written by William Pauwels on February 28, 2017

Why are there so many government leaks now that Donald Trump is President? The Democrats and the Leftist media want you to think there is something out-of-order in the Trump administration.

In fact, the Obama administration changed the secrecy laws governing the National Security Administration seventeen days before Obama left office. Clearly, this was done to enhance Democrat/Leftist-media smear-everything-Trump tactics. If this was an important Obama administrative action, why wasn’t
it done eight years ago, or six years ago, or four years ago? Who are these people trying to fool?

This change increased the dissemination of top-secret NSA information to sixteen other government agencies, i.e., a sixteen-fold increase in the number of people viewing (and perhaps leaking) top-secret information. This change was formally approved by NSA head James Clapper on December 15, 2016; and by Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch on January 3, 2017 – again, seventeen days before Obama left office.

Clearly, this action by the Obama, Clapper and Lynch cabal was enacted to enable a sixteen-fold increase in the number of government officials with access to top-secret information. Under previous law this would have been prohibited. Obviously, this action — with only seventeen days remaining in Obama’s term — was intended to enhance Democrat/Leftist-media smear- everything-Trump tactics against the new Republican President.

It is even projected by responsible analysts that this action was taken to enable and enhance a shadow government under the leadership of Obama and his Leftist cabal — of which there are, reportedly, 30,000 members. Their purpose is to undermine the effectiveness of the President Trump Administration and Its Agenda and commitment to the American voters.

Hopefully, the American people will put their foot down and reject the corruptive forces that have taken over the once great Democrat party (which I once supported). There will be another election two years hence. Voters can then finish the job of clearing the swamp of the now pathetic Democrat politicians.

For more information on this subject matter, click-on and read the following more detailed explanation:

Image: By The White House from Washington, DC – P120315PS-0349, Public Domain,

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