ASS KICKED: Trump’s Commandos CRUSH Al Qaeda – Here’s The Tally

Published on February 1, 2017

Trump SAID he’d have our forces kick the hell out of Islamist terrorists. And guess what?

We’re off to a good start.

We’re DONE with the administration that used government departments to advance private ideology.

Meaning, we’re DONE with crap like this:

“When I became the NASA administrator, (President Obama) charged me with three things,” Bolden said in the interview which aired last week. “One, he wanted me to help re-inspire children to want to get into science and math; he wanted me to expand our international relationships; and third, and perhaps foremost, he wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science, math and engineering.” —Space

Because our PRIORITY should be spending Billions on space exploration to massage other countries’ feelings of inadequacy?

Something about that idea seems so…


Yes! That’s EXACTLY the word I was looking for.

The American Military has something it does so well, that it is the envy of all other nations.

It identifies a threat, and takes it out… With Authority.

It is important to note that we — and specifically the family of one navy commando — paid a heavy price for this victory. But make no mistake. This was a victory. Not just for our military objectives, but for the civillians on the ground that they terrorize.

US commandos killed 40 of the terrorists in a US ground operation in Yemen.

The US Navy’s SEAL Team 6, which killed Osama bin Laden, struck the jihadi base in the first counter-terrorism operation approved by President Trump since he took the Oval Office.

Three of the dead jihadis are reported to be leaders of the terror group.

However, US officials confirmed one soldier was killed in during the daring raid, while there are reports of at many as 16 civilian casualties. —Express

Some further details about the raid:

“Americans are saddened this morning with news that a life of a heroic service member has been taken in our fight against the evil of radical Islamic terrorism,” Trump said in a statement.

“My deepest thoughts and humblest prayers are with the family of this fallen service member,” he said.

The names of the casualties were not released.

Planning for the clandestine counterterrorism raid began before President Barack Obama left office on Jan. 20, but Trump authorized the raid, according to a U.S. defense official, who was not authorized to discuss details beyond those announced by the Pentagon and so spoke on condition of anonymity.

The U.S. has been striking al-Qaida in Yemen from the air for more than 15 years, mostly using drones. Sunday’s surprise pre-dawn raid could signal a new escalation against extremist groups in the Arab world’s poorest but strategically located country. –US News

A threat has turned the world on its head.

And America is rolling up her sleeves to Deal With It.

If you think their ‘militants’ are scurrying like rats NOW

And if ‘Shock And Awe’ was ‘disruptive’ to Al Queda’s plans

Just WAIT until General Mattis gets FULLY up to speed.

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