Written by K. Walker on February 1, 2017

And you KNOW she’s said some pretty stupid things. Is there an Emmy for ‘Most Idiotic Thing Said On Television’? If there is, she’d win with THIS statement.

Whoopi Goldberg, who wouldn’t have a career if it weren’t for the market for a daytime women’s talk show featuring shrieking leftist harpies Progressive women discussing ‘women’s issues’.

Whoopi, of course, cannot let an opportunity to bash President Trump go to waste, even if she has to make those up because #LoveTrumpsHate.


It’s statements like this that make you ask:


Let’s examine Woopi’s accusations regarding the President:

– repeatedly demeaned women
– wants to defund organizations that benefit women
– calling on the media to shut up
– specifically wants to give preferential treatment based on religion

And Whoopi’s big question that garners tremendous applause from the rabid-feminazi-I-hate-Trump audience:

‘Are these values really much different from the Taliban’s?’



Deep Breath.

Let’s start at the beginning.

1. Repeatedly demeaning women. Is this about the Access Hollywood video again? Ugh. Yes, it was a rude statement on a hot mic. It happened in 2005. He’s apologized. Contrast to the silence on leftists that have done much worse *cough* Bill Clinton *cough*. When you start treating both sides equally, we can talk. But for now, let’s just mention that President Trump’s campaign was successfully run by Kellyanne Conway and she is now in the powerful position as Presidential Counselor. Sounds misogynistic to me.

2. Wants to defund organizations that benefit women. Do you mean Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers worldwide? Many Republicans, heck — Americans, are Pro-Life. Many others believe there should be limitations on abortion. Just because you feminist harpies on The View are members of the ‘Baby Corpse Corps’, it doesn’t mean the government should fund the murder of innocents.

3. Calling on the media to shut up. Do you mean beligerant Jim Acosta of CNN? ClashDaily covered that. Maybe reporters could do this nifty thing called ‘fact-checking’ before reporting something just to damage the President. But, Whoopi wouldn’t understand that as she’s attempting to draw a parallel between Trump and the Taliban.

4. Specifically wants to give preferential treatment based on religion. Well, to be fair, Barry actively discriminated against Syrian Christian refugees, despite the fact that they are a persecuted minority. President Trump found this outrageous because Christians are the most persecuted religion in the world right now. The influx of immigrants to the US from nations that have problems with terror is on the rise. Unfortunately, these nations are also predominantly Muslim. We’ve seen what that has done to Europe. We need to reassess our screening process, which is why President Trump has placed a temporary freeze on travel to 7 nations that the Obama administration labeled as ‘concerning’. If you want to say that Muslims are terrorists by implication, be my guest.

And as for the Million Dollar Question you asked about Trump and the Taliban:


No, you ignorant, lard-headed woman! It’s not the same.

– If the Taliban were in charge, you wouldn’t have a television show.

– The ‘Nasty Woman March’ filled with Vagina-costumed clit-heads wouldn’t have been able to take place, and if it did, those women would have been beaten and/or raped and/or beheaded for it.

– The Hollywood elites like Scarlett Johannson wouldn’t be bitching about getting paid a million or so less than leading men because her boobs aren’t as perky as they used to be when she doffs her shirt.

– Women would have their genitals mutilated to prevent them having sexual enjoyment and keep them from infidelity.

– Girls would not be educated, and if they did espouse anything remotely like speech about equality, they would be shot in the head like Malala Yousafzai

So, can we stop with the over-the-top Trump is Hitler, Trump is the Taliban, Trump is Satan nonsense?

And where does Whoopi’s moral highground come from anyway?

Why should we even listen to Whoopi calling out the President for his alleged ‘repeated demeaning of women’ when she has ‘clarified the position’ of a child rapist? Because saying, ‘Grab ’em by the p*ssy’ is so much worse than drugging and sodomizing a 13-year old.

Flashback — Whoopi defending Roman Polanski because it’s not ‘Rape-Rape’:

In the video Whoopi claims Polanski and Samantha Geimer had sex before. That’s not what Geimer said in her statement.

But, I’m not sure what Whoopie is getting at here.

Is it not ‘Rape-Rape’ because it’s statutory rape?

Or is it not ‘Rape-Rape’ because she was drugged?

Let’s see what the victim, Samantha Geimer, had to say about the not ‘Rape-Rape’ incident. She had been given champagne along with a sleeping pill and was in a hot tub in just her panties as Polanski photographed her. He then put down the camera and said he was getting in with her.

‘I want out. Now,’ she recalls. ‘How f*****g stupid could I be? It’s a hard thought to hold on to. The water is hot, and the steam is rising into the night. I knew this wasn’t right.

‘He pulls me a little closer by the waist and helps hold me up a little and moves me above one of the jets so I can feel the bubble tickling up between my legs. There’s nothing good about it, but I know what he’s getting at.

‘Then everything hits at once. The steam, the heat, the alcohol, the pill and the panic. Have you ever been touched in a way that made you want to jump right out of your skin?

‘This man had a reputation as a great lover. The problem is, he was not my great lover. I could have been any girl, as long as I was female and as long as I was young.

‘He holds my arms at my sides and kisses me,’ she claims. ‘And I say, “No, come on”, but between the pill and the champagne it’s like my own voice is very far away.’

Describing the moment he began to perform oral sex on her she says: ‘He asks if it feels good, which it does, and that in itself, is awful. I don’t want this, my mind recoils, but my body is betraying me.

‘And that’s when I check out. I go far, far away. There is a sense of complete and utter emptiness.’
Read more: Daily Mail

It certainly sounds like ‘Rape-Rape’ to me.

In her own words, Polanski’s victim didn’t consent, and even if she did consent, she was legally too young to.

But President Trump… he’s the Evil One.

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