BOOM: Black Rifle Coffee Co. Promises to Hire Veterans And Do THIS With Their Profits!

Evan Hafer, CEO of Black Rifle Coffee Co. was on Fox and Friends talking about hiring 10,000 veterans. But he also said this about the company’s profits…

ClashDaily covered Black Rifle Coffee Co.’s 10K veteran pledge response to the Starbucks 10K refugee pledge.

Hafer says that the company doesn’t just support veterans, but also supports law enforcement.

All the profits from the limited-edition roast, Thin Blue Line, is donated to the charitis Blue Lives Matter and the Fraternal Order of Police.


How awesome is that?

But wait! There’s more!

Black Rifle Coffee wants to bring the issue of veteran employment to the forefront of our discussion. We need to be aware of it. They have issued a challenge to other companies to hire 10,000 veterans and will support companies that do.

These guys are awesome!

If you’re a veteran looking for work, this coffee company looks like a great opportunity.…/careers-job-opportunities

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