BREAKING: Alan Colmes DEAD At 66

Published on February 23, 2017

Truly, this WAS unexpected.

Alan Colmes will always be best remembered to us as the guy from ‘Hannity And Colmes’.

He didn’t seem to mind that Hannity had the larger television presence. In fact, he was a really good sport about it when Colbert had him on as a guest.

Here is one of those lighter moments:

Looking back… whatever differences we may have had with Colmes ideologically, we don’t remember him BECOMING the news he reported on like so many others on the Left have done.

Fox News moments ago reported on Colmes’ death with a segment narrated by Sean Hannity, who paired with Colmes for years on the venerable talk show Hannity & Colmes.

Hannity identified his old colleague as, “one of the nicest, kindest, and most generous people,” while his family released a statement a short time ago that read in part:

He was a great guy, brilliant, hysterical, and moral. He was fiercely loyal, and the only thing he loved more than his work was his life with [wife] Jocelyn [Elise Crowley]. He will be missed. The family asks for privacy during this very difficult time. — Mediaite

Sixty-six is ‘young’ by today’s lifespan standards… whatever your politics. The ‘brief illness’ he had was not disclosed.

We at ClashDaily offer condolences to the loved ones he leaves behind.

Share to show that decency still CAN win out over political differences … even now.

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