BREAKING: Car Plows Into Crowd At Mardi Gras Parade

A Mardi Gras parade went horribly wrong when a car ran into a number of people before the parade could begin.

A number of teens were injured as a vehicle that was supposed to be a part of the parade plowed through a high school marching band.

GULF SHORES, Ala. (WKRG) – A tragic start to Mardi Gras Day on the Gulf Coast. A car drove into a crowd of people before the start of the parade in Gulf Shores, Ala.

The number of injuries is unknown at this time, but there appear to be at least eight teenagers injured. A marching band was in the area of the crash.

Video of the scene shows multiple ambulances on scene with several patients of stretchers. The extent of the injuries is unknown at this time.

“A teenage band has just started to march down the parade route when they were struck from behind. The vehicle was apart of the parade,” says Grant Brown, a spokesperson for the city of Gulf Shores.

Portions of Highway 59 and surrounding roads are closed at this time.
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Update: 11 people have been injured as of the publishing of this article.

Eyewitness video:

On site reporting by WKRG:

The driver of the vehicle is fully cooperating with the police department.

The parade is now cancelled.

This story is developing.

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