BREAKING: Gawker Clowns Spawn ‘Tell On Trump’ Website ENCOURAGING Leaks Against The President

Published on February 17, 2017

Oh, look! They gave out their contact details!

This could get interesting!

Gawker… these are the guys who lost a lawsuit over publishing a sex tape. So, they’re OBVIOUSLY starting on the moral ‘high’ ground.

They’ve launched a NEW website. What do you notice about it?


‘Tell on Trump.’

Isn’t that a curiously specific focus?

But we’re supposed to treat them like ‘real news’… right?

They’re strangely DISinterested in corruption stories that implicate someone on the OTHER side of the political ledger.

But that’s nothing new. These are the same people who worked OVERTIME to CLEAR Hillary from the Benghazi scandal.

This is nothing less than the politics of personal destruction.

Here is the rest of the text on the website:

Tell On Trump

One thing we know about Donald Trump is that there are a lot of things Donald Trump doesn’t want people to know about. If you’ve reached this page, you might have information about the conduct of Donald Trump or his administration that you’d like people to know about. Here’s how you can tell us.

Who are we? The SPECIAL PROJECTS DESK OF GIZMODO MEDIA GROUP. We are an investigative team that reports stories about political, cultural, financial, and technological power for GIZMODO, FUSION, DEADSPIN, JEZEBEL, JALOPNIK, KOTAKU, and the other Gizmodo Media Group web sites.


You may send us messages, tips, files, images, videos, or documents through GIZMODO MEDIA GROUP’S SECUREDROP PORTAL. SecureDrop is designed to protect your anonymity, frustrating attempts by anyone, including us, to identify you as the source. For instructions on how to use it, GO HERE.


Our mailing address is:

Special Projects Desk
Gizmodo Media Group
2 W. 17th St., Floor 2
New York, NY 10011


You can email us at TIPS@GIZMODOMEDIA.COM. If you use PGP encryption, you can find the public key for that address HERE.

Phone or Text

Our main phone number is 917-999-6143, which is capable of receiving calls and messages on a number of platforms, including IMESSAGE, Signal, WhatsApp, Line, and Allo. You can download our vCard HERE, or directly message our number through any of the apps listed above.

Here are some ADDITIONAL PRECAUTIONS that you can take to safeguard your identity.

Hmm… contact details. Any messages left are completely anonymous? Even to them?

Heh, heh… what could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Do we have any evidence of scandals they SHOULD be interested in? IRS scandal? Fast and Furious? Hillary’s email… or her uranium deal?

Share if you know someone who might like to drop them a line.

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