PATRIOTS: Are YOU Enjoying Trump SHAMING ‘The Media’ To Their Face?

Published on February 17, 2017

Trump is beating the media at their own game… and having fun while he does it!

This was NOT your typical ‘presser’.

For one thing, the big outlets got spanked. CNN was called out as ‘very fake news’. There’s really no hiding their bias. They’re finally getting called out on it.

As far as ‘pressers’ go, how was Trump’s?

Rush Limbaugh loved it. He called it ‘one of the most impressive I’ve ever seen.’ Here’s his impression:

What was Trump doing here? He was talking DIRECTLY to America. He was disarming the media narrative about him being unwilling to answer questions (he held a ‘marathon’ presser, as some called it, in which most present — if not all — got to ask him a question)

Trump addressed CNN directly: ‘the hatred and venom coming from your mouth. The hatred coming from other people on your network’ (that part is from about the 4:00 mark).

The ‘big players’ have lost their place of preeminence. Boo hoo. There’s a price to be paid for crying on camera when the candidate you back loses. (What was it… 90% or more of journalists who supported a campaign supported Hillary? Nope. No bias there.)

The new media is nipping at the heels of the old guard. If THEY won’t report the news faithfully, there are many others out there more than happy to step up as the new ‘trusted news source’.

Isn’t it grand?

Although, if this is any indicator, you may want to give any stocks you own with the dead tree media a serious re-think … while you still can.

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