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News Clash

DANG! Bro Grabs Shotgun, Waits For AK-47 Wielding THUG To Break In – Guess Who WON?

Home invasion in Texas? You gotta be dumb as dirt to risk it.

Between his security system and the gun, he was ready for them when they showed up at 5 am.

He noticed the guys with guns outside his door through his security system.

He watched what they were up to as they tried to crowbar the door, and he got into position where he could see both the door and the camera.

Terry Morgan tells his story

They saw the security camera and switched to the other door. They saw he was awake, and fired. He returned fire and they scampered off in a getaway car.

Sometimes, there’s no time to wait for police to show up. That’s when having a weapon for your defense is critical.

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