WATCH: Piers Morgan Sounds Like A CONSERVATIVE In This EPIC BLAST Of ‘The Media’

Published on February 7, 2017

Former CNN employee or not, these were Bare-knuckle punches.

“What we’re seeing … is just one of the great Hissy-Fits of modern political time.”

He did NOT shrink back from calling out the problem where he saw it… WALLOPING them for their pretense of ‘objectivity’.

They’re in the tank for Hillary.

He nailed them when he said ‘the media is determined to bring Trump down’. There are no ‘two ways’ about it. That’s their game plan.

Morgan reminds us that respect has got to be a two-way street.

He pointed out the New York Times. Biased? Sure! In one issue, eleven out of eleven NYT articles were hostile to Trump, including 4 letters. That’s not a coincidence.

(and this was just the tip of the iceberg. Do yourself a favor and watch the whole clip… it’s really that good)

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