Published on February 10, 2017

He’s a get-it-done kind of President. Did you know we’re ALREADY doing This?

Of COURSE he is! Because he’s NOT from Washington. Projects don’t need to take an extra fifteen years of prep work before anyone calls them a ‘shovel ready project’.

Hell, from the time of JFK’s ‘We Choose To Go To The Moon‘ Speech, until the day we took ‘One small step for man…‘ was LESS than seven years.

Why is that important? Simple.

We are now in the ELEVENTH year from the time we signed the ‘Secure Fence Act of 2006’. (Which ALSO has signatures from Obama, Clinton and Biden, by the way.)

But along came Trump:

President Donald Trump said his proposed wall on the Southern border of the United States is currently in the design phase.
“The wall is getting designed right now,” he asserted on Wednesday during a speech to law enforcement officials at the Major Cities Chiefs Association Winter Conference in Washington D.C.

Ah… Finally.

Someone who knows how to get S#!T done.

Do you STILL wonder why people elected him?

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