DEAR CNN: The Clintons Banked MAJOR $ From CHINA … Sold WH Sleepovers For $400k A Pop – Is THAT ‘News?’

Written by K. Walker on February 28, 2017

She-Who-Won-The-‘Popular Vote’ was still riddled with scandal and corruption, as a new book demonstrates.

Doug Wead, presidential historian and New York Times bestselling author, has written a new book that exposes Clinton corruption and ties to China, including illegal donations.

The book, Game of Thorns: The Inside Story of Hillary Clinton’s Failed Campaign and Donald Trump’s Winning Strategy, also details that the Clintons ‘sold sleepovers’ at the White House.

The Lincoln bedroom was particularly lucrative with 800 individuals paying for the privilege. Some notable ‘sleepover’ guests were: Barbara Streisand, who paid $60,000, Steve Jobs paid $150,000, and Steven Spielberg paid a whopping $336,000.

‘The idea that the Clintons’ scandals would somehow be dismissed by history upon the election of Hillary as president was always a fool’s wish’, Wead writes in his compelling new book, Game of Thorns: The Inside Story of Hillary Clinton’s Failed Campaign and Donald Trump’s Winning Strategy.

Weads book details the ‘scale of corruption’ of the Clintons’ controversies, from Hillary’s curious relationship with Russia while secretary of state, to ‘pay to play’ practices with China dating back to her husband’s time as governor in Arkansas…

…The White House initially tried to blame Terry McAuliffe, Clinton’s 1996 reelection campaign co-chair at the time, for aggressive fundraising that also included golf games, coffees and events with the president.

McAuliffe was willing to fall on his sword for the Clintons but under pressure, the President produced the related documents that revealed a staggering number of guests who also were ushered into the Oval Office – all for sizable donations.

Sleepovers weren’t just in the Lincoln Bedroom. They were in every bedroom including the Queen Mum’s bedroom suite across the hall from the Lincoln Bedroom and the rooms where Winston Churchill stayed during his 1941 wartime visit with FDR…

…Long after Clinton’s last term in office, twenty-four years to be exact after the Lincoln Bedroom scandal revelations, many of those paid guests were still donating money to the Clintons.

‘By January 2016, more than half of the Lincoln Bedroom donors had already given to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign or supported one of her PACS’, writes Wead.

Donations from that small universe totaled $1.15 million. ‘The Lincoln Bedroom was a gift that kept on giving’…

Then there was Bill and Hillary’s strange friendship with a fry cook in a Chinese restaurant, Charles Yah Lin Trie. Trie quickly rose in prominence and became a co-owner of Fu Lin Chinese Restaurant in Little Rock, AK.

Trie became a prominent financial backer of the Clintons, and when they moved to the White House in 1991, coincidentally, Trie moved to Washington and started a business.

The FBI quickly learned the one source of income for Trie’s company was from bank accounts in Hong Kong and Macau in the name of Ng Lap Seng.

Trie helped organize a $220,000 donation to the Democratic Party and paid $100,000 for a seat at a presidential gala with Ng Lap Seng as his guest…

…The FBI had it all down on eavesdropping surveillance – the Chinese were trying to influence the reelection of Bill Clinton – with money and that old pay to play scheme that had always worked so well.

Charlie Trie fled the country during a congressional investigation as did Ng Lap Seng, the man suspected of funneling money from the People’s Republic of China into the Clinton reelection campaign. No answers to investigators.

Oddly, Ng Lap Seng showed up in New York City in 2016 during the Russian email hacking discussions and was quickly arrested and ‘charged with bringing in suitcases full of cash to bribe United Nations officials’.

The investigation was reopened but the national media panned and buried the story, according to Wead…

The Chinese tried to rig our election in favor of Bill Clinton?

Where is the Media (D) outrage?

Where are the inquiries?

Where are the protests in the streets?

Oh, right.


I lost my head for a second there.

It wasn’t just the Chinese that was throwing cash at the Clintons.

As the Media (D) goes mental trying to tie Russia to Trump, they are oddly silent about the close relationship that Hillary had with Russia.

ClashDaily reported that Hillary’s Campaign Chair, John Podesta, had shares in a Russian energy company.

Hillary herself often tried to connect Trump and Russia.

…But she had her own verifiable, unscrupulous relationship with Russia while secretary of state.

‘Clinton encouraged American tech companies to help fund Skolkovo, the Russian version of Silicon Valley’, Wead explains.

‘In return, Skolkovo raised millions of dollars for the Clinton Foundation’.

But Hillary took that relationship with Russia one step further.

Her State Department approved a deal that allowed the Russian government to control almost 20 percent of America’s uranium production. The company involved, Uranium One, donated $2.6 million to the Clinton Foundation’, Wead states.

The Clinton corruption has been going on for decades, and it didn’t look like it was going to go away if Hillary had won the Election.

Wead argues that ‘what distinguished Bill and Hillary’s controversies from other, more onerous political scandals in American history, was the fact that the issues had been ongoing and uninterrupted throughout a lifetime‘.

He adds: ‘The ethical questions surrounding the Clintons preceded them into office, continued unabated during their time in the White House, resulted in impeachment, reoccurred during Bill’s retirement and now would be carried back into the White House with them again.’
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Man, we really dodged a bullet there!

Now, we just need to make sure that this one doesn’t get anywhere near the White House.

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