DEAR FBI: This College Group Incites Kids To Chant, ‘KILL DONALD TRUMP’

Written by K. Walker on February 14, 2017

Have you noticed that the ‘tolerant Left’ has become so unhinged that they don’t blink at promoting violence anymore? Even in front of children?

Really, aren’t these often the anti-Second Amendment crowd?

But they’re ‘totes kewl’ with punching a Nazi. But not in the traditional use of the word, oh no! Remeber, these are Millennials. They’re deconstructionists, after all. It’s not like ‘Nazi’ means the same thing as what it used to mean.

Though the recent anti-Trump protests often have the chant, ‘No Trump! No KKK! No Fascist USA!’ Fascism, White Supremacism and anyone the Socialist/Anti-Fa crowd disagrees with, seems to all mean the same thing.

The Univerisity of Central Florida’s Socialist group, Knights for Socialism, held an event that had the faces of President Donald Trump, his Senior Advisor, Steve Bannon, and newly-minted Attorney General, Jeff Sessions pasted on ‘Minion’ piñatas. They urged bystanders to bash the piñatas.

One group of bystanders was a middle school group visiting with their teacher. Those young kids were yelling ‘Kill Trump’ and given ‘free candy’ from the piñatas. Some asked if they could participate in the event.

East Orlando Post obtained exclusive footage from UCF College Republican Douglas Mactye, which includes disturbing content involving an elementary to middle school aged student yelling “Kill Trump.” The young children were being encouraged to hit the Pinatas by members of the Knights for Socialism for the duration…

…In an interview to campus based mainstream news source Knight News, Knights for Socialism president Dylan J. Tyer claimed the event was not negative at all and completely welcoming. “There’s been no negativity by any means but definitely a lot of interest and a lot of good conversations with people.” However, Tyer is clearly seen in our exclusive footage yelling about “Beating Pete Sessions’ face in,” among other violent profanities…

…Graduates are not pleased with the event either. Justin York, a UCF alumnus who once served as Chairman of the UCF College Republicans labeled the event as “extremely hypocritical” and a “red flag.”

“I think it is shocking that the university would permit a group of students to hang pinata-type effigies of President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions to be beaten and battered. Had our CR chapter done anything remotely similar to effigies of former President Barack Obama or former Attorney Generals Eric Holder or Loretta Lynch, you can be sure the public outcry would be swift and the university would have taken corrective if not punitive action. Reports that 5th grade children in the presence of a teacher were exposed to this bizarre spectacle makes this all the more troubling.”
Read more: East Orlando Post

The idiot leader doesn’t even know the name of the man he’s beating the effigy of — it’s Jeff Sessions, not Pete Sessions, you moron!
Just like these New York students walked out of school to protest something about Muslims and bans.

Watch the school-age kids at the 9-minute mark:

You know, this would have been handled completely differently if it were under the previous administration.

The Media (D) would never let it go, and anyone who dared to identify themselves as Republican would be even more vilified than they already are.

There would be questions about racism, bigotry and xenophobia.

A never-ending stream of editorials about the ‘violence inherent on the Right’.

There would be movies and fundraising concerts to ‘fight racism’.

We would be lectured unceasingly about ‘Progressive values’.

(Well, these things are is still happening, but it would be worse.)

Because it’s a Republican President and his Right-of-Center policies, it’s brushed off.

No matter how much violence, rioting, looting, brainwashing of children, and silencing of conservative speakers, The Media (D) does not denounce the violent Left.

They save that vitriol for anyone who believes in the Second Amendment.

There wasn’t a list like this for Barack Obama, no matter how terrible he was as a President.

Patriots understood that he was President and didn’t scream for him to be killed.

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Because #LoveTrumpsHate


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