Hillary SLAMS Flynn, GLOATS Over Him Quitting, So We Reminded Her Of THIS!

Hillary’s trash-talking fail. (She can add THAT ‘fail’ to all the others.)

Poor Hillary, it looks like she never got THIS kind of fatherly advice.

Who knows, it might have saved her from tweeting like a dumbass.

Some of her followers are dumb enough to think her tweet was a win. (Just like they did with the election.)

Hillary gave this classless tweet gloating about Flynn’s resignation:

Real consequences of fake news? You’ll need more context to understand what the hell she ‘thinks’ she’s saying, right?

Here you go:

See that? They’re excited Flynn had to resign, and they’re mocking a man better than themselves because ‘Pizzagate’. And Hillary is lecturing us about ‘fake news’.

This is the SAME Hillary that ‘overheated’ on 9/11 before she eventually was forced to admit having pneumonia. The one that landed under sniper fire while being greeted by children with flowers. Who apparently spent the first few years of her life without a first name, until someone could FINALLY climb Everest and give her a name worth having.

She is using his resignation to lecture US about ‘fake news’. That opens her up to … some criticism.


The woman who immediately HIRED DWS after she had to resign as chair of the DNC for CHEATING for Hillary is MOCKING someone with the guts to step down when caught in a scandal?

Instead of MOCKING him, perhaps she could have learned a lesson in HUMILITY from him.

But hey. You’re a CLINTON. What would YOU know about virtue, anyway?

Share if mocking someone with more integrity than herself makes Hillary look SMALL.

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