DEAR PARENTS: This School District Teaches Kids Islam, But Christianity … Eh, NOT SO MUCH

Written by K. Walker on February 21, 2017

What would YOU do if your kids were forced to sit through an Islamic proselytizing video in middle school?

(Bear with us, dear ClashDaily Readers. This is going to be video-heavy.)

Two New Jersey moms are raising hell about the middle school seemingly proselytizing for Islam. Nancy Gayer and Libby Hilsenrath were concerned when they heard that the school was extensively teaching Islam in the classroom, but other religions were excluded. They were then more concerned when they learned what it was that the students were exposed to.

The students in a 7th Grade Social Studies class were shown a 20-page Powerpoint presentation and several videos about Islam — but were not taught about any other religion.

Here is one video that claims that Allah is the one true God and that Jews and Christians are not following the religion of Abraham:

Here are some of the videos that the kids watch in class:

Here is part 2:

Don’t you love how Alex, the non-Muslim kid, said,‘I don’t like to do things without asking Mum!’ regarding going over to the other kid’s house, but didn’t ask his mom if he could go to the mosque?

Yeah, that’s not weird at all.

Those cartoon videos sure look like proselytizing.

Gayer contrasted the current handling of Islam at the school with a presentation made by her son in 4th Grade. Her son had worked independently on collecting for a charity and created a presentation which included a Bible verse at the end. The teacher told him that it belonged ‘in Sunday School’ not in the classroom and then told the students that the computer wasn’t working so they wouldn’t see the presentation.

Gayer and Hilsenrath attended the Board of Education meeting to express their concerns.

However, the superintendent, Michael LaSusa, refused to eliminate the course because “it is part of the New Jersey curriculum core content standards to teach students about the various religions of the world.” He also refused to meet with Gayers and Hilsenrath.

Gayers and Hilsenrath have since been smeared as Islamophobic by various people in the area.

“We were labeled as bigots immediately following the Board of Ed meeting in an op-ed,” Hilsenrath told Fox News host Tucker Carlson, “and then all over Facebook with people who knew us or didn’t know us. Xenophobic, Islamophobe, I mean it went as far as the KKK, which I don’t know what that has to do with this.”

“Unfortunately I was stared down at a grocery store too,” Gayers added, “and I believe I was in the express line with just 10 items but yet I was still stared down. It was pretty unnerving.”

The op-ed that Hilsenrath referenced was a letter to the editor on Tap Into Chatham by resident Susan O’Brien, who called Gayers and Hilsenrath’s concerns as “at worst veiled bigotry and at best sad and ignorant.”

“I believe that ignorance breads fear and fear breeds hatred; the more we understand about other cultures and religions the better we are equipped to deal with the issues we face in today’s world,” O’Brien wrote.

O’Brien did not attend the Board of Education meeting and nowhere in her letter did she address the glaring inconsistency of the district’s religion in the classroom policy.
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Watch Nancy Gayer and Libby Hilsenrath at the Board of Education meeting:

And finally…

Watch the moms on Tucker Carlson:

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