BREAKING: Trump DUMPS Obama’s Pro-Transgender Policies – Madonna Will HATE This!

Written by K. Walker on February 21, 2017

Where will Madonna’s backup dancers go to the bathroom now?

The heavy-handed federal push for pro-transgender policies by the Obama administration are being reversed.

President Trump is giving deference to each state to determine the policy instead of a top-down federal ‘gender-is-fluid-dammit’ policy of the progressives like Obama.

This puts the onus on the Federal judges to determine whether someone is male or female using actual biological science.

Finally, a victory for Biology!

The policy reversal will likely protect single-sex civic groups and institutions — including single-sex bathrooms — across the nation from lawsuits and will put new pressure on federal judges to preserve the central role of biology in defining whether a person is male or female.

The new policy is a big defeat for gay advocacy groups and for progressives, who want judges to declare that people can change their legal sex when their “gender identity” changes from day to day

…Trump’s deference to the states will force the cancellation of the federal “gender identity” policy announced in May 2016 by Obama’s deputies.

Numerous states are already debating how sex should be defined. In North Carolina, for example, the GOP-drafted HB2 2016 law says people can change their legal sex after surgery. That clear biology-based distinction is strongly opposed by gay advocacy groups, who helped lead an economic boycott of the state in 2016. Other states, such as Oregon and Washington have decided that people — including children — have a fundamental right to change their legal sex, regardless of the impact on civic society.

Less than one-quarter of Americans support the “gender-identity” plan pushed by gay groups and by Obama, which would allow transgender activists to sue single-sex institutions — such as sports leagues, public shower-rooms, and women’s shelters — until they treat both biological sexes as interchangeable. That would be a very different regime from today’s laws and civic society, which are designed to help two equal and different sexes complement each other in a heterosexual society built on families and child rearing.
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Because you will have idiots like this creating policy:

(Don’t worry, there are a MILLION videos destroying this crazy argument.)

Biology should be the determining factor if for no other reasons than the medical ones.

Male and female organs are not identical, even the ones that are in common.

Heart attacks present differently for women than they do for men.

Do we ditch all of that because Progressives want to be seen as ‘inclusive’?


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