DEAR PATRIOTS: To ANNOY The Left, Should Melania Open Each Presidential Speech With The LORD’S PRAYER?

The Left is going mental because Melania dared to pray the Lord’s Prayer at the rally in Florida. Should she do it EVERY time the President speaks?

Chris Kyle’s wife, Taya was on Fox & Friends defending Melania.

Watch Taya Kyle on Fox & Friends:

Melania was criticized for reading the Lord’s Prayer from a piece of paper.

Hey, liberal dumbasses, did you forget that English isn’t Melania’s first language?

Heck, it could be her 5th!

Perhaps it’s natural for her to say the prayer in her native language.

Maybe she wanted to make sure she had the words absolutely perfect because she knew she would be under scrutiny.

Talk about majoring on a minor!

It just shows how petty these Liberals are.

What’s the big deal having the First Lady pray at a rally?

And the people at the rally seemed to appreciate it.

What do you think of Melania opening with the Lord’s Prayer?

Melania, a little note from ClashDaily:


Pray whenever and wherever you want to.

After all, this is America.

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