DEAR PATRIOTS: Jennifer Lopez SLAMMED Trump During The Grammys – Should We BOYCOTT Her Stuff?

One more liberal elite melts down at an awards show. And she looks like she’s about to cry…

It’s not like the entire Grammy Awards show was a total crapfest — ClashDaily reported on Joy Villa’s awesome pro-Trump dress.

And then there was Beyoncé’s performance.

No, wait.

That was a crapfest.

Brace yourselves:

‘At this particular point in history, our voices are needed more than ever.’

Um, no. No, they’re not.

Hillary ran her entire campaign with celebrity endorsements.

How’d that work out for her?

Celebrities can all keep hashtagging #ImWithHer until their thumbs fall off, it’s not going to magically make Hillary President.

Every day for the next 4 years (at least), they will wake up to President Trump.

Celebrities live their own little, insular world.

Let me introduce J-Lo to a new word:


They’re so inward-looking that they forget that there are other people out there — regular people — that are running small businesses, working shifts in hospitals, in middle management, etc. that are worried about their mortgages and whether little Timmy will need braces.

They’re not flying to the south of France for the weekend or jetting off to a photo-op while adopting orphans from Malawi.

No, they’re worried about their bills, their children’s education fund, and sometimes, where the next meal is coming from.

They’re worried about high taxes, national security, a fair Supreme Court.

They see the cost of so many illegal immigrants pouring over the border and exhausting resources that could be used to help their poor neighbors.

No, J-Lo.

We don’t really care what you celebrities have to say.

So, sit down and shut up and listen.

You’ve had 8 years to talk endlessly about your preferred ‘issues’.

It’s time to let the rest of America speak.

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