WOW! This Lady Was RAPED As A Teen, Didn’t Abort Her Daughter and Has ZERO Regrets!

Published on February 13, 2017

The Pro-abortion’s side’s strongest emotional argument just failed another test.

It’s asked as a purely rhetorical question, one designed to shut down debate, silence dissent, and push the life advocate into awkward silence:

‘What about Rape?’

The thinking is … as Obama himself put it… that the young woman having already gone through one trauma would now be ‘punished with a baby‘.

That EXACTLY sums up the point where both sides come into conflict.

Is a baby — whatever the circumstances of that baby’s conception — a precious new life positively bursting with possibilities? Or is that baby only worth as much as the mother’s desire to keep her?

In this story, there was no contest.

The mother was eighteen. Drugged. Raped. Pregnant. Scared.

The go-to advice of Planned Parenthood is “make the problem go away”. Because to them, the baby is not REALLY a ‘life’ unless you have consented to keep it.

Here’s an excerpt from her story (You can catch the whole thing, including a poem she wrote for her daughter’s wedding Here)

I drove away from there a very scared 18 year old and felt I had to tell someone. I chose my sister. When I arrived, she looked so beautiful in a red formal dress, busy blowing up balloons, preparing for her engagement party to her future husband. It was just me and her in the room. “I’m pregnant.” I wasn’t feeling the excitement, but she had enough for both of us and it gave me hope. She could feel my despair, but never wavered.

One by one, I told those close to me about the “incident” and about the pregnancy. I was blessed to have such a loving and supportive family. We’ve always been very close. I’m grateful I was surrounded by their love. It would carry me through the next eight months of pregnancy, and far beyond.

As I was going to sleep one night, I began praying to God. My Dad was a minister. My parents were missionaries when I was much younger and I had been raised in church my entire life. As I lay there, I told God my hurt and my fear. I told him that I choose life for this baby and we’re in His hands.

…I opened my eyes the next morning and took a minute staring at the ceiling. During the night I had a vivid dream. I dreamt that I had a healthy, red-headed, beautiful baby girl. I thought to myself, “red-headed?”

..Twelve hours had past and finally Kayla Ann was here. My mom held her briefly, counted her fingers and toes and then handed me my healthy, red-headed, beautiful baby girl — just like in my dream, only better.

…There was always a voice in my head telling me that I could have an abortion and it would fix everything. The truth is, choosing life fixed everything. I’m thankful every day that I didn’t buy into the lie. My daughter and the two incredible grandsons that she’s given me fixed everything. They have turned my sorrow into joy.

This is the happy ending that Planned Parenthood and her story is by NO means the only one like it.

The value of a life is defined by the fact that they are human. Not by ANY outside, subjective indicator. And that’s what makes EVERYONE important, valueable, precious.

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