DISGUSTING: Pelosi’s ‘Clintonian’ Answer To Mother Whose Son Was MURDERED … By An Illegal

Published on February 1, 2017

Nancy Pelosi’s ‘Soulless Harpy Lessons’… today’s episode, stonewalling the mother whose son your policies killed.

This woman, heartbroken and in tears, whose son was murdered by an Illegal, shared her story and asked a very specific question to Professional Harpy, Nancy Pelosi (D).

Some of you will want tissues ready for when she shares her story.

Others will want to get some money for the swear jar. A LOT of money.

And stand back from anything you might be tempted to put your fist through.

The screen you’re watching this on, included.

The method of her son’s death was singularly vicious.

Now you can’t say we didn’t warn you.

Without further introduction, here is the exchange.

She asks an AMAZINGLY succinct question:

Which of your grandchildren are expendable… so that a foreigner can have a better life?

Did you notice the CNN tweet — with no hint of irony — stated her son was killed by an ‘undocumented immigrant’?

If you wonder why the public feels so strongly about this issue?

It’s because WE think self-righteous elected fools with ice-water in their veins need to stop putting their personal (Soros-funded) agendas ahead of the very LIVES of their constituents.

Does it REALLY come as a surprise to the Dems that Americans are kicking you to the curb in record numbers??

Share if THIS is why we need Term Limits.

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