HEY CNN: Remember When Chuck Schumer Said THIS Without Crying?

Published on February 1, 2017

Poor Chuck. Couldn’t get through that sentence without crying. But there was this OTHER time…

We know. We get it.

Democratic playbook.

Page One:

    Rule One

: What a Republican Does, is denounced as evil

    Rule Two:

What a Democrat Does, is praised as good.

Since the very moment they stopped looking dumbstruck at the final tally of that Electoral College, the Left has been demonstrating their commitment to Rule One.

But the internet is forever.

What are they supposed to do now that THIS clip of Chuck Schumer has turned up?

Is that Chuck saying that they might need to stop immigration? Temporarily? That evil Republican Bastard! Where DID those tar and feathers get to?

What’s that? He’s a DEMOCRAT?

Never mind… he probably had a good explanation.

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