FULL RETARD: ‘Tolerant’ Liberal Sarah Silverman’s UNHINGED Call For Violence Against President Trump

Written by K. Walker on February 2, 2017

Sarah Silverman should really try to engage her brain before she posts ANYTHING on social media.

Do you recall when she said that Hillary deserved 1,000 Purple Hearts?

Did you happen to catch her on Conan dressed as Hitler saying he was tired of being compared to Donald Trump?

And her oh-so-adult reaction to Milo Yiannopoulos writing a book.

And if her career wasn’t classy enough…

The Jewish ‘comedian’ has called for a military coup to stop President Trump.


Why would she do such a thing?

Because she’s a complete idiot, that’s why.

(Hey, I’m just going by the evidence provided by her words.)

So… let me get this straight.

She wants to overthrow ‘fascists’ with the military.

Ummmm… That doesn’t generally end with ‘democracy’.

Sarah Silverman is obviously no student of History.

She’s also apparently no student of English.

Here, let me edit that ALL-CAPS tweet for you because punctuation is your friend:

Wake up and join the Resistance! Once the military is with us Fascists — Get overthrown! Mad King and his handlers go bye-bye. Heart. Heart. Heart. Heart.

That is what she meant, right? That the ones plotting the violent rebellion are the fascists?

Maybe not.

Oh, well.

Twitter let her have it:

Can we just stop with the ‘President Trump is a Fascist’?

The fascists are the anti-free speech rioters on the UC Berkley campus stopping a gay conservative from talking about the nonsense of ‘cultural appropriation’.

They’re the ones that use violence to enforce their worldview.

Like threatening Electoral College voters, for instance.

Wanting to kill your political opponents — or have them overthrown by force — is authoritarian and fascistic.

Donald Trump is not a fascist, he is a Republican.

It’s a difference in worldviews, and I know it’s hard for liberals to rub those two brain cells together to understand that.

Here, this video might help.

Courtesy of the brilliance of Thomas Sowell via the genius of Bill Whittle:

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