‘HACKED’ ELECTION: Might Russia Have ACTUALLY Been PRO-Hillary?

Written by Andrew Allen on February 23, 2017

As I write this, Donald Trump has barely been President a month. Looks like the “Bush lied people died” mantra that persisted right up until election night 2016 has been replaced by “Russia hacked our election and that’s why Trump is President” nonsense. Never mind the blatantly obvious flaw:

If the Russians hacked our election, why did Hillary Clinton win the popular vote?

Think about it. If Putin told whoever he tells in Russia to hack elections to hack ours because he wanted Trump to win, why didn’t he give Trump the popular AND electoral vote?

It couldn’t have been because Putin wanted a repeat of Bush versus Gore. Not if Putin wanted Trump to be the clear, undeniable victor on election night. If Putin hacked the election to put Trump in the White House, he wouldn’t have wanted there to be any possibility of Trump’s legitimacy being brought into question – or any chance that a recount or a court challenge could have put Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office.

Yet the media insists Russia hacked our election, even though it makes no sense. Almost.

Who did the majority of the mainstream media support during the 2016 election?

Hillary Clinton.

How did the majority of the mainstream media deflect criticism and controversy of Hillary Clinton?

By taking any and everything Trump did or said and either blowing it out of proportion or making up fake news stories to blow out of proportion.

Through any objective lens, the mainstream media were and remain in the tank for Hillary Clinton. If the media needed to give Hillary Clinton debate questions in advance so that she could perform effectively versus Bernie Sanders, the media dutifully played their part in the illicit transaction. If the media knew footage existed showing Hillary collapsing at a 9/11 memorial event in New York, they had stories ready to go portraying Hillary as a workaholic who just needed to get some rest. Even as her husband Bill flew on a private jet to the third world where he may have engaged in sex with minors, the media couldn’t help but try and turn the Alicia Machado controversy into something more than the clownishly deliberate set up that it was.

For the what-did-he-know-and-when-did-he-know-it crowd always on the hunt for the next Watergate, Hillary Clinton offered up multiple opportunities for a Watergate-scale event to investigate and build a journalism career upon. Except that journalism died sometime around 2008 so instead of sinking teeth into Bill Clinton’s illegal meeting with Attorney General Loretta Lynch on a private jet in Arizona, the media turned a blind eye. Not just because they are propagandists. There’s more to it than that.

Assuming that the Russians did in fact hack the election, because that’s what the mainstream media insists happened, how do we know they didn’t do it on Hillary Clinton’s behalf?

The hack resulted in Hillary winning the popular vote. That in turn fueled post-election hysteria through November and December 2016 that briefly produced a recount movement strangely instigated and funded by Green Party candidate Jill Stein. All of which was more beneficial to Hillary Clinton – and the anti-Trump movement – than to Donald Trump. What discussions did Hillary Clinton have (and does she continue to have them) with Russian officials?

She after all, was the storied Secretary of State who famously presented Russian officials with a “Reset” button as she logged more frequent flyer miles than any previous Madam Secretary. No doubt she had – and still has – contacts in Moscow. And remember, she had Bill and a so-called charitable foundation that could have had those conversations on her behalf. That’s how she helped sell Russia at least 20% of America’s uranium production capacity – the Clinton’s foundation took “donation” money from Russia as she used her position in government to green light transfer of business from American to Russian interests.

If some intrepid young reporter that wants a Watergate approaches the story from the perspective of Hillary Clinton colluding with Russia in order to sway election night 2016 her way, and an entire media apparatus involved at some level in the whole thing, the story is right there waiting to be Woodward and Bernsteined.

photo credit: Kyle Taylor, Dream It. Do It. US Election 2016 via photopin (license)

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Andrew Allen
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