HOLA ILLEGAL ALIENS! Trump’s Going To Make TODAY Suck For YOU!

Published on February 21, 2017

Kelly is rolling up his sleeves and getting to work.

Those who are NOT supposed to be here, and have been enjoying a ‘free ride’ under Obama might as well just pack a bag and head home. Their days here are numbered.

The video tells the story well.

The lax days under Obama are over. The New guys will be ‘beefing up’ their border security.

We can expect:

— The hiring of 10,000 new ICE Agents

— The hiring of 5,000 border patrol agencies

When an arrest is made and fingerprints taken they will be checked against an ICE database.

This administration will also Prioritize the Removal of Criminal Aliens so that they will remove illegal aliens who:

— are convicted of a criminal offense

— are charged with a criminal offense that has not been resolved

— have committed acts which constitute a chargeable criminal offense

— have abused public benefit programs

— are subject to a removal order but have not left the country

Predictably, Democrats are crying foul.

But if they accuse Trump of being a racist ideologue, the quickest way to shut them up is by playing Obama’s own words back at them. It’s fun to watch their faces turn purple with impotent rage. Try it!

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