JACK@SS: Liberal DC Gym Owner ATTACKS Ivanka – So We Put Her On FULL BLAST

Published on February 11, 2017

Was this illegal, or just immoral?

Sometimes, even famous people just want to be left alone.

She was already one of the most FAMOUS people in the country, but now that politics have become so hateful, she’s also one of the most HATED.

Ivanka is being targeted as the vulnerable point that ‘tolerant progressives’ can hurt to punish the President by Proxy. Because that’s what ‘justice’ looks like… making children pay for the so-called ‘sins’ of their parents.

In our paparazzi culture, it can be hard to just do the ordinary things of daily life. Shop, visit the dentist, join a gym.

You can imagine that all Ivanka wanted was to pay her lousy $37.00 go to the stupid class, work out and get on with her life.

As anonymously as possible.

She used an alias. Considering the seething hate we’re seeing in politics these days, can you blame her?

But the OWNER of the gym found out that Ivanka had signed up. She posted this FB message. Notice the problem with it?


… ‘my beloved clients’… ‘fight for my people’…

Keep that phrase in mind.

First: has Anne violated the privacy of any OTHER clients in this way? Something like ‘Hey everyone! Look who ELSE is coming to my gym!’

Is she name dropping to cash in on Ivanka’s fame? To use this as an (unpaid) endorsement of her gym? Is she virtue signaling to earn ‘Progressive’ street-cred? What’s REALLY going on here?

Let’s go back to those ‘beloved clients’ … ‘fight for my people’.

She completely contradicts herself her. She has no loyalty at all to ‘her clients’. She’s just as judge-y (maybe more so) as those she criticizes.

Ivanka paid for a class. That makes her a ‘beloved client’… doesn’t it?

Where’s the ‘fighing’ for Ivanka?

She OUTED Ivanka when all she wanted to do was to work out and be left alone.

The words that best describe this hypocritical windbag are not fit for publication.

Do we have a list of ALL her clients?

Why not… is it because they have a right to privacy?

Where were IVANKA’s rights to privacy here? Why did this political hack think that having the ‘wrong’ family members strip her of any rights?

And really… for someone so CONCERNED about the rights of her clients… the only one who has actually broken any so far… is Anne Mahlum herself.

Since she decided to politicize her business, you might like to know her contact information, to continue this discussion further.

You might even ask when she’s publishing the entire list of her clientele, just to ‘keep things fair’. Or at the very least give a public apology to Ivanka.

You might want to ask why her personal Facebook status is (ironically) set to ‘private’…

Strangely, the SolidCore DC facebook pages are offline right now, too. Can’t imagine why, can you?

In case they ever ‘work out their problem’ with Facebook, try the following links:



And here’s their webpage:


Inexplicably… ALL the social media links on her official page are down. Even the ‘contact us‘ page on the website is having ‘issues’. Fortunately, the web page will link directly to them when they go live again.

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