KEEPING SCORE: Here Are SIXTEEN ‘Fake News’ Stories … Published SINCE The Election

Published on February 8, 2017

Here’s a list you can show your leftist buddies about the Fake News swirling through the internet.

— The Guardian (a ‘respected news source’) spread a rumor (false) that there was a post-election spike in suicides among transgendered people. (Snopes was no help, here.)

— New York Magazine (a ‘respected news source’) spread the report that scientists had ‘evidence’ of election tampering in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania. Viral, even though debunked.

— Politico (a ‘respected news source’) wrote a hit piece on Trump’s pick for secretary of the Treasury, Steve Mnuchin. He oversaw a company that foreclosed on a 90-year-old woman (that bastard!) for a 27 cent error in writing a cheque. Except that there was no such foreclosure.

— CNN (the ‘most trusted name in news’) wrote about the Inaugural Ball, claiming that Nancy Sinatra was not happy about them using ‘My Way’. Sinatra (NOT a Trump supporter) embarrassed them publicly:


— New York Times (A former newspaper) claimed Trump’s White House had ‘purged’ any climate change references on the White House site.


— Time (once a ‘respected’ news source) was the magazine that awarded Hitler ‘Person Of The Year’ in 1938… see how easy it can be to ‘spin’ a story?

Where was I? Right. Time Reporter claimed MLK bust was missing… it was ‘obscured by an agent and door’. Considering the steady drumbeat of ‘racist’ … what POSSIBLE harm could have resulted from such a story being erroneously reported?

— the rest of the list (helpfully compiled, chronicled and tracked by The Federalist, included NBC… Slate… Daily Beast… CNN… Vox… Buzzfeed… Washington Post… Bloomberg… ABC… Foreign Policy… Observer… Daily Beast citing a parody account as a source for a killing spree… AP…

The list goes on and on and on…

That’s not even counting the Fake Hate stories where false anti-Trump allegations are later disproven.

Check out the full article. It gives them one HELL of a beat-down. Complete with sourcing.

What do they have in common?

None of these are the Right Wing blogging sites that are allegedly the sources of Fake News that Snopes etc are supposed to be ‘protecting’ us from.

In fact, some were even FACT-Checked by those same right-wing blogs.

A SERIOUS number of those sources are EXACTLY the ‘traditional and trusted’ sources we are supposed to favor.

Even LAWYERS are probably telling journalist jokes by now. You have LOST what respect we had for you.

Share if Trump’s pounding of the media is looking more and more justified.

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