LIES: The Media And Democrats ‘Smear-Everything-Trump’ Campaign

Written by William Pauwels on February 21, 2017

Yesterday, Leftist NBC’s “Meet the Press” claimed cities and suburbs voted for Hillary Clinton. Not exactly true! A few Big Cities and their suburbs did vote for Hillary. But the Majority of Cities and Towns and their suburbs voted for Donald Trump. In fact, a solid majority of the 3141 counties in America favored Trump.

Needless to say, the Leftist Elitists who produce Meet the Press and other NBC newscasts and commentaries are doing everything in their power to discredit President Donald Trump’s effort to Make America Great Again – and to dislodge the de facto Marxist/Socialist/Dem-Progressive stranglehold that the Elitists have exercised via the Government Bureaucracy

In fact, the Democrat Party has been in serious decline over the past decade or longer. American voters want their country back – their freedom back – their money back – and honest, unbiased news reporting back. The people in mainstream America do not want to be ruled by Leftist, Big-City Elitists and their supportive Leftist pawns in the Big-City Media.

And it’s not only Leftist operations like NBC that can be a problem. I used to think host Chris Wallace was a fair and balanced interviewer. But no more. He sounded like every other Leftist during his recent interview with Reince Priebus. He was really awful! He belongs on MSNBC or CBS or CNN. Fortunately, Reince Priebus was able to set the record straight, at least for those who were able to cut through Wallace’s trashing of our President. I’m disgusted!

Rush Limbaugh also appeared on Fox News Sunday the other day – and he was great. He should get around more often. Rush pointed out, the Leftist media are relentless in their smear-everything-Trump strategy. If they are not stopped, it could undermine the President’s effort to Make America Great Again. The Dems and Leftist media (including Wallace) are clearly trying to accomplish that. Again: disgusting!

Moreover, it is becoming increasingly clear to many informed voters that the Democrat Party and the mainstream media have moved way too far to the left since the defeat of Progressive Democrat Hillary Clinton.

In concert with the leftist media, the Democrat Party – under the misguided leadership of NY Senator Chuck Schumer – has become a leftist, smear-everything-Trump party, in direct violation of American voters’ election of Donald J. Trump as President of the United States.

The Democratic Party and the leftist media are in effect belittling American voters by saying they did not know what they were voting for – they should have voted for the de facto Marxist/Fabian-Socialist/Progressive Democrats.

Frankly, if the Democrat Party and leftist media continue on their present warpath – on their non-stop smear-everything-Trump strategy – on their unreasonable obstructionism of President Trump’s agenda – the party’s viability may be permanently destroyed. Mainstream America will not tolerate the lack of respect of big-city journalists, editors, and Dem Party officials for the will of American voters – for the America First Agenda of President Trump.

Image: Meet the Press’s Chuck Todd; by DonkeyHotey; CC BY-SA 2.0;

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William Pauwels
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