LMAO: Jenna Jameson Puts Springsteen On FULL BLAST For Anti American Blather

Published on February 7, 2017

Her Brass Knuckles tweet makes ‘the Boss’ look like ‘The Chump’.

You know that Blame America tour Bruce Springsteen has been on? The one where he made an ass of himself in Australia?

(This will jog your memory)

Jenna is having none of it.

Funny thing for Mr. ‘Born In the USA to say’.

ClashDaily took our turn blasting his stupidity when he first said it.

(Really, he might have looked up some facts about Australia’s immigration policy before spouting off his stupidity.)

At least you know what he thinks of you (and your country) now.

Just a hunch, but we’re guessing this guy’s burning more bridges than he realizes.

Is hostility to about half of your own fan base considered ‘smart business?’

We’ll know soon enough.

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