WTF: Yet ANOTHER Hollywood Propaganda Video … They’re Dumber Than EVER!

Published on February 3, 2017

What part of ‘just stop making those dumb videos’ does Hollywood not understand?

Hollywood has been at it again. They’ve just come back (again) from coloring in their safe spaces, and it looks like they were using permanent markers in small rooms. The fumes obviously went to their heads.

They’ve bumped up their crazy rhetoric to levels that are hard to parody. Mocking them is easy. But to Parody them? They’ve not left much room for that.

Funny Or Die might want to change their name… since they’ve decided it’s more important to be preachy than funny. See for yourself.

They’ve lost even more of their minds than usual.

They’ve decided to vent by creating a dumbass ‘alternative’ narrative about Trump living by a different constitution than anyone else.

Are they REALLY sure they want to invoke the idea of an ‘alternate constitution’?

We just got through Eight Years of Their Guy doing things that were specifically FORBIDDEN by the Constitution.

He was ‘fundamentally Transforming America’. What’s more “ALTERNATE CONSTITUTION” that that?

Their guy? We remember him:
— Launching a war with Congressional approval.

— Making Americans buy a product or face legal consequences.

— Using the IRS against his enemies.

— Encroaching on local Police Departments.
(And on… and on… and on…)

If Trump were a Democrat, their story would change:

Muslim-majority nations would suddenly become nations with ‘elevated risk.’ Race/Religion would not be mentioned. (Nor should it, because 9 of the 10 biggest Muslim nations are unaffected.0

They would acknowledge these are the same countries that the PREVIOUS President had identified as high-risk nations.

Basically, everything a Democrat does is ‘good’.

(And that makes sense — IF you are an unthinking drone.)

Share if THIS is a BIG part of why Hollywood’s profits are TANKING.

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