FAKE NEWS: Man Who Said His Mom DIED Because Of Travel Ban LIED — Guess Who Exposed Him

Published on February 3, 2017

You’re going to LAUGH when you see who called BS!

Bad news, Liberals. You can lie all you want, but…


…eventually, it gets exposed.

Maybe it’s time ‘professional news agencies’ start vetting their stories before running with them. Especially when it’s the kind of story that props up the liberal narrative.

But vetting these stories isn’t easy. They’ve got an objectivity problem…



A surprising number of anti-Conservative (lately, ‘anti-Trump’) hit pieces are trotted out to manipulate the news, and then… having achieved their purpose… vanish away.

That ‘Trump supporters beat me up and took my Hijab’ story… False.

The women who alleged Trump’s sexual misconduct? Never pressed charges.

They claimed Trump is a threat to Democracy if he doesn’t accept the results stories… and stood by during months of Democrats not accepting the vote.

You get the idea.

Here is another one.

The Left didn’t like his Executive Order. They understand that ‘Narrative’ (storytelling) is a more powerful vehicle for a message than simple statements of fact. So they told a story about how Trump’s ‘Evil’ policy Directly led to the death of a woman.

This is EXACTLY the kind of piece that activist Leftists salivate over. It made the rounds.

Mike Hager fled Iraq with his family during the Gulf War, returned during the Iraq war and worked alongside United States Marines and Army forces. He now owns a business in Metro Detroit and said his mom would still be alive today if President Donald Trump had not instituted his travel ban on Muslim countries.

Hager said he was returning home with his family that included his sick mom. They were returning home to the United States where his mother has lived since 1995. As they were waiting in line at the airport in Iraq on Friday, he was told that he could pass through because he was a U.S. citizen. But his family members – including his mom – weren’t allowed, despite holding green cards.

“They destroyed us. I went with my family, I came back by myself. They destroyed our family,” Hager said.

Sounds pretty serious, right?

Except they fudged one VERY significant detail:

The mother died FIVE days before Trump signed that order.

Please explain how Trump’s travel ban reached BACK IN TIME TO Murder this woman of exactly the right minority status to give a hit piece legs.

The Truth showed up late. But it DID show up.

Credit where it is due! The guy who EXPOSED this lie?

He was an Imam… who voted for Trump.

After the story aired, the Imam at Hager’s mosque, Husham Al-Hussainy, contacted the media and told them the truth.

“That’s true. The 22nd of January, his mom died,” Al-Hussainy said. “She did die but that was a couple weeks ago – before the ban.”

The kicker to all this? Al-Hussainy voted for Donald Trump. He called for “peace and patience.” — Credit, full article: Federalist Papers

Guys like this, with no axe to grind with America? Who will stand up and expose a lie for what it is?


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