Look What Was Found At TEEN JIHAD Suspects’ Home

Written by K. Walker on February 22, 2017

This pair would’ve been a Jihadi Bonnie and Clyde if they hadn’t been caught.

Sabrine Djermane and El Mahdi Jamali were just teens when they were arrested for terrorism-related charges in 2015.

Djermane and Jamali were living in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

The two former College Maisonneuve students each face four charges:

Attempting to leave Canada to commit a terrorist act.
Possession of an explosive substance.
Facilitating a terrorist act.
Committing an act under the direction of or for the profit of a terrorist organization.

Djermane and Jamali, now both 20, have pleaded not guilty and are scheduled to face trial before a judge and jury in September.

The new information comes from portions of search warrant documents that were previously subject to a publication ban.

A judge lifted parts of the ban Thursday…

Djermane’s sister contacted the police because she suspected her sister and her boyfriend, Jamali, had become radicalized. Djermaine’s facebook page had a picture of a jihadi flag and videos encouraging joining the fight in Syria. Jamali and Djermane were also living above their means in an expensive apartment, spending money they didn’t have on electronics and clothing.

A friend said that Djermane rarely went out, often spoke about religion, and would lie and manipulate those around her.

A Dollar store bag with bomb-making materials and a pamphlet on the gifts a martyr would receive in the afterlife was found in the apartment.

…The documents also list items police found when they searched the apartment the couple was living in, as well as in Jamali’s family home.

They included a notebook with instructions on how to make a bomb using a pressure cooker.

Police also found a Dollarama bag containing a roll of duct tape, two nine-volt batteries, a box of nails, Super Glue and a receipt from Dollarama.

The receipt listed other items, including a clock and wooden matches.

Investigators concluded these items could have been used to make an improvised explosive device.

It appears the couple had plans on leaving Canada.

At the apartment the couple shared, investigators also found evidence suggesting the pair might have been preparing to leave the country.

They found an application for a new Canadian passport with Djermane’s name on it.

They also found a new suitcase with a price tag on it, filled with new clothing that also had price tags still attached.
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The question is — where were they headed?

Was it to join the fight in Syria?

Or to commit an act of terror elsewhere?

Like an airport.

Now, a little context.

Canada’s Prime Minister Zoolander Trudeau is a big fan of immigrants and refugees.

His Liberal Party of Canada has a stated goal of tripling the Canadian population by 2100 through a massive influx of immigrants.

Imagine Canada with a population of 100 million — roughly triple its current size.

For two of the most prominent voices inside the Trudeau government’s influential council of economic advisers, it’s much more than a passing fancy.

It’s a target…

…One of their first recommendations, released last week, called for a gradual increase in permanent immigration to 450,000 people a year by 2021 — with a focus on top business talent and international students. That would be a 50-per-cent hike from the current level of about 300,000.

The council members — along with many others, including Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains — argue that opening Canada’s doors to more newcomers is a crucial ingredient for expanding growth in the future.
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Northern Border Wall, anyone?

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