What Michael Moore Just Said About Trump PROVES Being Obese Causes BRAIN DAMAGE!

Michael Moore needs to put down the cheeseburgers. Check out the latest huffing and puffing of this GIANT windbag.

Remember when Moore had said Trump would win because he was reaching out to blue-collar white voters in middle America?

He had lamented the situation in Flint, Michigan that had been Democrat controlled for 84 years.

Well, Moore never softened on Trump, and he’s taken the ‘fake news’ ‘alternative facts’ unsubstantiated New York Times hit-piece on the President as grounds for him to step down.

ClashDaily covered the NY Times story here.

But just because the story itself is filled with hearsay and innuendo and no hard facts, that means nothing!

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Micheal Moore is desperate.

(And we’re not just talking about his prospects for Saturday night.)

He, like many on the left, are in a blind, searing rage that Hillary lost the Presidency.

So, like many others, he has a plan to make her President.

Screaming to ditch the Electoral College didn’t work.

Intimidating the Electoral College Voters didn’t work.

The preachy Celebrity ads didn’t work.

Calling for a ‘Month of Resistance’ did absolutely nada.

Even the Nasty Women’s March led by Sharia-loving Linda Sarsour just made them look like unhinged dolts.




Ashley Judd


Whatever is a Liberal to do?

Don’t worry, it’s loudmouth Michael Moore to the rescue!

Check out what he posted on Facebook:


ClashDaily Editors:



You actually have to have some evidence, not the ‘soft coup’ of disgruntled Obama-era intelligence agents that have it out for President Trump.

But then, Moore has made a career — and millions of dollars — selling disinformation to the gullible American Left.

Settle down, Michael.

Take a deep breath, and for crying out loud, hop on a treadmill or something!

Burn off some of that rage.

You’ll feel better.

H/T: The Blaze

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