WATCH: Ivanka Fans Just Sent Nordstrom A WICKED Video Message!

These women are taking a stand because Nordstrom caved to the political pressure to dump Ivanka’s brand. Check out what they did. It’s AWESOME!

When the #GrabYourWallet campaign began to try to force retailers to not carry brands affiliated with Trump and Ivanka, Nordstrom initially supported giving customers choice.

But they eventually caved.

Like so many others.

ClashDaily has previously said that forcing retailers to not carry brands is not actually a boycott — it’s bullying.

Customers should have the choice to purchase the products. If customers don’t like that a store is carrying a brand, they are then free to take their business elsewhere.

In a free market, it is not the customer who dictates what a retail outlet can and can’t carry.

There has been pushback against this bullying.

There is a new campaign to #BuyIvanka.

These women are taking it seriously.

A group of women went to Nordstom and canceled their accounts because they are ‘going to shop where Ivanka shops’.


In the video, several ladies said they are headed to Dillard’s.

What about you?

Are you going to boycott stores that ‘Dump Trump’?

Are you planning on supporting the #BuyIvanka campaign?

Let us know in the comments.

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