IT’S OFFICIAL! Federal Judge Finds CNN GUILTY of Pushing ‘Fake News’ (This Is NOT Satire)

Published on February 21, 2017

Hey, Don Lemon… even the COURTS agree!

Who’s laughing now?

The ‘Most Trusted Name In News’ just lost a court battle. It was a ruling about CNN’s ‘false and defamatory’ news reports.


A hospital CEO filed suit after complaining that a series of stories were deliberately sensationalized, with manipulated statistics to bolster a negative report they gave about the hospital.

Well, well, well … isn’t THAT interesting?

Davide Carbone, former CEO of St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, filed a defamation lawsuit against CNN after they aired what he claims were a “series of false and defamatory news reports” regarding the infant mortality rate at the hospital. CNN’s report said the mortality rate was three times the national average. However, Mr. Carbone contends that CNN “intentionally” manipulated statistics to bolster their report. He also claims that CNN purposely ignored information that would look favorable to the hospital in order to sensationalize the story.

“In our case, we contended that CNN essentially made up its own standard in order to conduct an ‘apples to oranges’ comparison to support its false assertion that St. Mary’s mortality rate was 3 times higher than the national average. Accordingly, the case against CNN certainly fits the description of media-created ‘Fake News.’” said Carbone’s attorney L. Lin Wood, in a statement to

These false reports cost him his job and also cost him his professional reputation, resulting in lost employment opportunities.

“False and defamatory accusations against real people have serious consequences. Neither St. Mary’s or Mr. Carbone did anything to deserve being the objects of the heinous accusation that they harmed or put babies and young children at risk for profit,” Wood said.

“The Court finds these allegations sufficient to establish that CNN was acting recklessly with regard to the accuracy of its report, i.e., with ‘actual malice,” the order reads. CNN had tried to get the case dismissed.

You can read the FULL version of this story, including the full judge’s ruling at LawNewz.

So, it would seem that the only people REALLY harming others for material gain … were CNN themselves.

Maybe instead of Don Lemon ranting about what he THINKS does and doesn’t constitute fake news (like he did when he spoke over and cut off his one Conservative panelist) he could go read the judge’s ruling about MANIPULATING data to make it say what you WANT it to say.

Like the Deceptive Edits for which CNN had to apologize.

Or their annoying habit of working backward from their assumptions of hatred and racism, rather than following the facts where they lead.

Or having a different standard of ‘truth’ depending on the letter (D) or (R) that follows your name.

As always, when dealing with the Media (D) … there is one basic rule to remember.

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