Sweden’s PM Condemns Trump For ‘Migrant Violence’ CLAIM – Look HOW Swedish ‘Migrants’ Responded

Written by K. Walker on February 21, 2017

Don’t you love how the Left is making President Trump look like freakin’ NOSTRADAMUS?

The Media (D) was all over President Trump screaming ‘fake news’, Islamophobia, racism, and — surprise! — that he’s not fit to be President.

ClashDaily reported on the Swedish crime epidemic just yesterday, you can see the article here:

TRUMP IS RIGHT AGAIN: Sweden IS Experiencing A MASSIVE ‘Migrant’ Crime Wave

Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Löfven, held a press conference and shot back at President Trump for his remarks regarding the Scandanavian country.

Löfven denied that there were problems due to mass immigration and lack of integration, and leveled a shot directed at President Trump chastising him to ensure that he is ‘using facts correctly’ and ‘verifying information’.

Watch the Swedish Prime Minister just hours before the riot broke out:

One problem, PM Löfven — President Trump is right.

Riots broke out in Rinkeby, a suburb of the capital city of Stockholm, where the majority of residents are immigrants.

There was extensive damage — stores were looted and cars set on fire.

One journalist said the area looked like a ‘war zone’.

Police retreated to a nearby gas station after being forced to fire a warning shot as a group of around 30 thugs pelted officers with stones, according to Expressen.

“Our officers were attacked by a number of people, some of them masked, who threw stones. They felt under so much pressure that a shot had to be fired”, said police spokesperson Lars Bystrom.

In the unrest, which began at around 8.30pm after a man was arrested next to Rinkeby metro station, a pedestrian on his way home was beaten and robbed and a press photographer was hospitalised after being attacked by a group of around 15 people.

“I was hit with a lot of punches and kicks to the body and head, and spent the night in hospital”, the Dagens Nyheter photographer said…

…“I’ve witnessed turmoil and civil unrest before, but this is something else. It looks like a war zone here”, said a freelance journalist working at the site of the clashes with state television outlet SVT.

The shocking scenes in Rinkeby, where 61 per cent of residents were born abroad, come after Trump told a rally in Florida over the weekend that Sweden is “having problems like they never thought possible” as a result of mass migration.

At a press conference on Monday, Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven said he was “surprised” by the U.S. president’s comments, adding: “I think also we must all take responsibility for using facts correctly, and for verifying any information that we spread.”

Worried about the nation’s image abroad, state broadcaster Sweden Radio last week aired a piece in English which claims that ‘no-go zones’ — dangerous suburbs where police fear to tread — don’t exist in the country.

However, a report last September revealed that 80 per cent of police officers were considering switching careers due to the danger they face in the field.
Read more: Breitbart

Here are videos of the nothing ‘fake news’ rioting that broke out in Sweden last night.

Watch the raw video:

More raw video:

Here is the shocking report by the Associated Press:

Sweden’s capital was plunged into chaos on Monday as police were forced to fire at rioters after a violence erupted in the suburb of Rinkeby, which has been labeled a ‘no-go zone’.

In a desperate attempt to protect themselves from a 30 strong mob, which was throwing rocks, the officers were forced to fire a shot into the rampaging crowd.

Just hours earlier the Swedish PM hosted a joint press conference in Stockholm with visiting Canadian Governor General David Johnston.

In a speech, clearing intended to ridicule Donald Trump’s speech over the weekend where he told a Florida rally that Sweden was facing a crisis. Mr Löfven insisted the liberal nation was “doing well” and was a country of opportunity.

“Let me put it like this I was, like many others I believe, surprised by the comments made about Sweden this weekend,” he said…

…Continuing his dismissal that Sweden is facing turmoil as more than 50 areas have been labeled as ‘no-go zones’ where police officers are regularly attacked and citizens are afraid to speak to officials, the PM said the Scandinavian country was handling the issues head on…

…The shocking insistence Sweden is not facing a crisis comes after a worldwide debate was sparked after Fox News last week aired a segment where it portrayed Sweden as a nation in decline.
Read more: Associated Press

The shocking part is that the Associated Press just did some actual reporting — without taking a jab at President Trump.

It’s just too much!


President Trump calls it again.

Good luck, Sweden.

When’s your next election?

You look like you need a guy like this:


But maybe one who is able to assemble his own furniture with those pictograph instructions and with a little more blue and yellow on the flag.

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