PATRIOTS: What Springsteen Just Said Will Make You SHOOT His CDs With A Shotgun!

Published on February 4, 2017

Hey Bruce… will you put your money where your mouth is?

Springsteen went to Australia and told them exactly how he felt about being American.

(Remember… this is the guy who ACTIVELY campaigned to put the admitted adulterer and accused rapist BACK in the White House)

He said:

“We stand before you embarrassed Americans tonight,” Springsteen told the crowd as he strapped on an acoustic guitar. “This is a song from 1965 by The Orlons. We’re going to use this to send a letter back home.”

He then went into a cover of “Don’t Hang Up”, a lovely little song with the ironically appropriate lyrics, “Don’t hang up/ Oh no, pretty darling, baby/ Don’t hang up/ Don’t hang up like you always do/ I know you think our love is true/ I’ll explain the facts to you/ Don’t hang up.” —COS

He was reacting to media reports that breathlessly claimed Trump hung up on the Australian Prime Minister. And like a good little globalist, Springsteen blindly believes ANYTHING critical said about a Republican.

The Australian Prime Minster had this to say.

So, Springsteen ASSumed (without proof) that Trump was an Asshole. So he went out and showed the world JUST how big a Douchebag he could be.

He wasn’t done yet.

After he finished trolling Trump, Springsteen and the E Street Band continued to throw shade at the administration’s policies. “We come from a land of immigrants!” Springsteen bellowed as the band went into Wrecking Ball bonus track “American Land”. “This is an immigrant song!” — COS

Obviously, Springsteen is OBLIVIOUS to what Australia’s OWN immigration policies are… and that they’re more strict than American policies.

Globalist American Lefty? Ignorant of the rest of the world?


Watch the ‘Born In The USA’ singer:

Now that Springsteen is ’embarrassed’ to be American, does that mean he will donate ALL of the profits he’s EVER EARNED from ‘Born In The USA’ to let’s say… Mexico?

Put up or shut up, Brucey.

You’d think the Blue Collar Union man would be all about someone putting America back to work.

But no. You’re just another Hollywood elitist.

That ‘blue collar’ thing is just your ‘schtick’.

It’s all pretty clear now.

And by the way… if Taxes are so awesome, what does Brucey have to say about THIS little nugget?

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