PATRIOTS: Two More Stores DROP Ivanka’s Clothing Line – Should We DROP Them?

Published on February 4, 2017

They made THEIR choice… is it time to vote with our wallets?

Remember how we praised some of the big stores for standing up to the social pressure and encouraged customers to reward that courage by shopping there?

Yeah, well… two more stores just caved. We’re looking at YOU Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus!

Was it a ‘business’ or a ‘political’ decision? Make your own judgment call.

But when activists make a POLITICAL movement to destroy a COMMERCIAL product… because they feel a need to destroy people you disagree with? That makes people interested in freedom MOTIVATED to give a financial counterpunch… on principle alone.

When that company caves to the pressure? That extra motivation to shop there dries up. You’re just another brand. We shop there… or don’t. Who cares?

But of course, if one of your COMPETITORS still HASN’T caved yet? We might still be motivated to support THEM.

Here’s a link to an article telling you who is (and isn’t) carrying Ivanka’s products. You can be sure that the OTHER guys were using it as a ‘Don’t support these people’ list. But of course, there’s nothing stopping us from reversing that use, is there?

The hashtag campaign was #GrabYourWallet if you wanted to look in and see who the relevant activists are (or just give them a hard time).

How petulant and short-sighted are these leftists?

Supposing their campaign was successful? What next… have they thought this through? How many people in her fashion house would be out of work. Good work. Well-paying work.

Remember… this is the FASHION industry. Do they REALLY think most of the people are Registered Republicans?

But since when did Leftists ever CARE who their tantrums hurt?

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