Published on February 25, 2017

Why. Is. She. Still. Here?

Hillary is back. Because she doesn’t have anything better to do, apparently.

Democrats have diverse views? Hillary just told a funny!

After she “cheated her way” through the primaries. She forgot to mention how she sandbagged Bernie.

Hopeful inclusive and bighearted? Where does ‘deplorable’ fit into that mix?

All of these WONDERFUL grassroots meetings? You mean the one heavily bankrolled by Soros and various Leftist lobby groups? The ones with the professionally printed signs, the coordinated sloganeering? The orchestrated photo ops?

Oh. And flinging urine (and worse) on Americans who happen to disagree with them. (I.e. “the enemy”.) And shouting down exercises of free speech and free assembly that offend their Socialist sensibilities.

You left THAT part of how ‘wonderful’ you are out. Completely.

The question we keep coming back to is: Why are you even HERE?

You led your party to the most RESOUNDING defeat up and down the ticket it has seen in forever. However much you might use ‘popular vote’ as a crutch, how many PEOPLE did your side actually elect? That’s what matters. THAT’s where you lost.

That’s why you suck. It’s astonishing you have any following at all. Do you have nothing better to do?

Shouldn’t you be planning contingencies with a defense lawyer? We haven’t resolved that Clinton Foundation investigation yet, have we?

Let’s hope those investigations keep chugging along. It would be VERY interesting to see what they turn up. How many people will be saying ‘I’m with her’ if / when you face criminal charges?

Share if you would REALLY like to see her face criminal charges.

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